Have Less Stress with More Dance

Less stress 1Need to blow off some steam? Go dancing! Dancing is a great way to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. When the stress and pressure of life are weighing down on you, move your body to a different beat for instant relief!

It seems like stress is a constant factor these days. Pressure from work, drama from relationships and friendships, deadlines to pay bills and get things checked off our to-do list are just a few of the daily things that can bring on stress.

It’s important to relieve stress so it doesn’t get the best of you. Learning how to manage your stress and anxiety can help your overall health and well being. Since stress is an inevitable part of life, it’s important we find ways to lower our stress levels so it doesn’t get the best of us.

Here’s how you can have less stress and relieve anxiety through dance.

Happy Hormones

Less stress Your body releases happy hormones (including serotonin and endorphins) when it engages in physical activities such as dance. These hormones boost your contentment, satisfaction, and overall sense of joy. So if stress has got you down, then dance can lift you up!

Double the Pleasure. Double the Fun

Moving to the beat of music is an automatic mood booster. When we listen to music, the reward center of our brain lights up, sending us positive feelings. Add some dance moves to that and your brain’s motor circuits are overwhelmed with joy! 

Express Yourself

Less stress 2Getting the chance to be creative and express yourself can help you have less stress. Creativity and expression can come through different forms including painting, cooking, and dance. Dancing gives you an outlet and an escape, which can help reduce your anxiety.

Get in the Zone

Meditation is a popular way to fight depression and push through anxious thoughts. You can accomplish the same mental benefits from dancing. As you dance, you focus on your steps and movements, zoning the rest of the world out and centering on yourself. This zoning out gives you positive energy and increased focus. 

Lean On Me

Let’s face it. Life is just stressful sometimes! But when you have enjoyable hobbies and healthy social outlets, it makes all that stress more manageable. Dance lessons are a great way to make new friends and build relationships. Carrying one another’s burdens is just one way to feel less alone in this life.

It doesn’t matter how you dance or how skilled you are. You can get the benefits of dancing including reduced anxiety and less stress from any type of movement. So flail your arms while you’re doing The Carlton or come learn How to Waltz with us! Either way, you’ll be doing your mind and body a big favor!







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