See How Our Medalist System Helps All Skill Levels Learn How to Dance

Arthur Murray Dance Now is the premier facility to learn how to dance. We help all skill levels face their fears on and off the dance floor through building confidence and developing new skills. As individuals go through our program they also learn how to set new goals and express themselves through dance.

medalist system

So how do our dance programs work? We don’t just throw you out on the dance floor unsystematically and expect you to get it! That would never work for the thousands of people we have helped learn how to dance.

Instead, Arthur Murray developed the medalist system to group like skill levels together. We focus on the most important elements of dancing including:

  • Foot positioning
  • Rhythm and timing 
  • Leading and following 

Throughout all of this, we add plenty of fun and variety so your dancing experience is always interesting and exciting!

What is the Medalist System?

We can’t just group all dancers together, so we categorize them into Bronze, Silver, and Gold programs. Dancers will progress through our program based on their individual dance goals and their desire to learn.

Let’s dive deeper into each of these levels.

medalist system 1BRONZE

Our Bronze program focuses on learning the basic steps from different dances. Bronze students will learn these basic steps and gain confidence on the dance floor. Each student will likely have different favorite dances and will work on perfecting those basic steps.

We break our Bronze level down into several subdivisions including Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III, and Bronze IV.


medalist system 2After a student graduates from the Bronze Level, they have really started to gain competence on the dance floor. These students have come a long way since they were new dancers at Arthur Murray!

In our Silver Level, we continue to build on their foundation so they can take their dancing to the next level. Silver-Level students will start to learn style and technique. They’ll work on polishing their skills and even start performing some of their dances! Opportunities to showcase dance skills come at our Arthur Murray studio, weddings, parties, or Arthur Murray events!


medalist system 3Just like the Olympics, Gold-Level students are the best of the bunch! These dancers have been studying and practicing dance for years. They have perfected their stage presence and continue to work hard to master some of the most complicated dance styles.

We love it when students go for the Gold!

Why We Use the Medalist System

Our medalist system helps us teach all dance levels, regardless of their age, skill level, or past experience, in the most efficient way possible. 

We know that you have to learn how to walk before you can learn how to run. Our medalist system builds upon the skills and steps that you learned in the previous level, so you get the basic bones down before worrying about anything else. The system ensures you actually learn how to dance, and don’t have to feel frustrated that you’re learning anything out of order.

Our goal is to help all skill levels learn how to dance! It takes time but our medalist system ensures you are on the right track and with the right students along the way!







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