Retiring? Here are 5 Fun Hobbies To Keep You Vibrant

Retirement New Jersey.jpgAfter retiring, it’s a good idea to try out new hobbies to keep your mind sharp and body healthy. Not retired yet, but looking to shake things up or try something new in this season of life? We have come up with the best retirement activities in New Jersey to keep you young and vibrant through your golden years!


Retirement Activities in New Jersey and Beyond

1. Travel

Retirement New Jersey travel.jpgNow that you’re retired, take advantage of all that free time you have and travel to somewhere you haven’t been before. You can plan a day trip, weekend getaway or longer trip across the country, or even the globe. Retirees can take educational trips, adventurous treks, or fun tours with grandkids and other family members. This list includes the must-see destinations for retirees. The best part? You don’t have to request time off from your boss.

2. Gardening

Retirement New Jersey gardening.jpgGardening a few times a week can improve your overall health in older age, according to research. A recent study found that individuals who did physical activity such as gardening were two-and-a-half times more likely to age healthy. Aging “healthy” meant these individuals were at a lower risk of having long-term illnesses including cancer, heart disease, lung problems, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

3. Dance 

retirement New Jersey dance lessonsKeep your body and mind in tip-top shape through your retirement by taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray New Jersey. Take lessons with your spouse, a friend, or on your own. Dancing is a great physical activity that keeps you fit, and studies have shown that dancing also makes you smarter. Not only is dancing good for your body and mind, but it keeps you young. Don’t let retirement age you! Try a free dance lesson today and feel and look younger than ever before.

4. Adult Education Classes

Retirement New Jersey education.jpgHave you always been a history buff or loved learning foreign languages? Take an adult education class in a subject you’re interested in and keep your mind sharp. Many community colleges and universities will let seniors audit classes for free. They can attend class, but don’t take the exams or receive a grade. Classes range from art to anthropology and everything in between, so there’s something for everyone.

5. Volunteerism 

Retirement New Jersey volunteer.jpgVolunteering your time is a great way to give back and spend your retirement days in New Jersey—or in whatever city you may live. There are needs for all kinds of volunteers. Depending on your talents, you can help serve food to the needy, crochet blankets for children, or hold infants under intensive care in the hospital. Helping others will give you a new sense of purpose in retirement and bring a lot of joy to your golden days.

Don’t spend your retirement being a couch potato! Pick up one—or allof the activities listed above and start living out your retiree days boosting your mind and keeping your body in shape. You’ll stay young and vibrant through gardening, dance lessons, volunteering and more. After all, the best is yet to come!







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