Stylin’! What to wear to a ballroom dance competition this year!

You’ve got the moves, the partner, and the confidence. But do you have the right outfit?

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There comes a wonderful time in a dancer’s life when he or she is finally ready to compete. For some, it may come at a younger stage in life, after tearing up the dance floor at local New Jersey nightclubs, night after night. For others, it may be at age 65, after retiring and finding a new love for moving and grooving. The beauty of dancing is that anyone can do it, and when you get good enough, you can share your talents with an eager audience! If you’re ready to take your dancing to the next level, you may be wondering how to dress for your first dance competition.

They say that style is a way to tell the world who you are without having to speak… So what will your dance competition costume say about you?

How to Choose Your Dance Competition Shoes

If you’ve done a little digging on our website, you may have noticed that we have a section all about dance competition shoes. Because your feet are so important in dance, it’s crucial you do a little research to choose the right shoes for you.

dance classes for adults 2 (1).jpgSo, first, you’ll need to decide if you need an open- or closed-toe shoe—the style, much like competition dresses, usually depends on the type of dance you will be doing. Then, you’ll want to follow the below guidelines for choosing dance shoes:

  • Snuggle up.  Fit is paramount to executing your moves perfectly, so make sure your shoes have a snug fit. By ensuring your shoes have zero extra room and fit like a glove, you will be able to have impeccable control on the dance floor.
  • Suede soles.   Providing the perfect amount of traction and slide, suede is the best recommended fabric for the soles of your dance shoes.
  • Go mid-range.  Even if you’re a beginner, buying the cheapest shoes on the market will not be your best bet. Since dance shoes can range quite a bit in price, stick to the middle-ground for a good balance of quality and affordability.

How to Pick Your Dance Competition Dress

Now that you’ve got your feet figured out, it’s time for the fun part: the dress! Searching for a dance competition dress can be loads of fun, but it can also be difficult if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Most times, you will want to consider the styles typically worn with the dance you’re doing, but there will still be room for creativity and personality in your competition costume.

Dance classes for adults 1 (1)-1.jpgBefore we get into the dance competition costume trends, let’s first go over a few key points to consider when choosing a dress.

  • Your body type.  As with buying any item of clothing, the first thing to keep in mind is your body type and what shapes fit and flatter it the best. If you have broad shoulders, for example, it might be smart not to get a dress that’s constrictive to your shoulder. And if you have a small waist, choose a cut that accentuates your curves in the best way possible.
  • The color.  Don’t buy a hue that will wash you out or clash with your hair color. Even if you love the style of the dress, make sure what you buy will attract attention for the right reasons.
  • The fit.  Luckily, most competition dresses come with adjustable straps and material, but you will need to make sure that the bust area is fitted correctly and the straps are secure but comfortable. If you feel the dress is too tight or too loose in the dressing room, the ill fit will only be magnified on the dance floor.

What’s Trending in Dance Competition Dresses

Ripe with ideas and inspiration for your dance competition dress, these are some trends for you to explore!

  • Fringe on the bottom or sleeves
  • Cut-outs and strappy looks
  • Bedazzled belts
  • Draping back fabric, referred to as “waterfalls” in this article
  • Exotic, colorful “tribal” patterns and cuts

Once you’re ready to show people what you’ve got, check out our Events page to see where you might be able to compete. And, when your friends see how great of a dancer you are, bring them in for their first lesson—it’s on the house!







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