The Top Wedding Dance Trends of 2019

Wedding Dance trends 2019Getting hitched this year? Congratulations! Whether you’re a bride-to-be planning your perfect day, or just an excited bridesmaid of your bff, you want to know the top wedding dance trends of 2019.

From fresh new music, to dances and other things you should avoid on the big day, we’ve got you covered with this list of 2019 wedding dance trends.

Choosing the Right Song

The first dance between a bride and groom is one of the most memorable moments of the night. Choosing the right song can help set the tone for your dance, as well as for the rest of the night. DJ worthy picks include old and new songs that aren’t overplayed at weddings including Lady Gaga – Always Remember Us This Way (From A Star Is Born Soundtrack) and Ben Folds – The Luckiest.

Skipping the Cheesy Dances

Wedding Dance trends 2019 2Nothing gets guests off the dance floor faster than playing a cheesy, choreographed song. Dances such as the YMCA, Chicken Dance, and Macarena may have once been crowd pleasers but are no longer wanted by many guests. Instead, couples are choosing to wow guests with their own originally crafted first dance such as a routine from Arthur Murray New Jersey.

Playing Music that Spans Generations

Playing music that pleases the age span of guests in attendance can sometimes be tricky. But lucky for soon-to-be brides and grooms, retro music is back in popularity, meaning guests young and old will enjoy cutting a rug to several different tunes. Here are some newer and older songs to include on your playlist to ensure you get all ages out on the dance floor:

Using Original Bands and Sounds

Wedding Dance trends 2019 1Brides and grooms looking to customize their special day are opting for original sounds and musicians over traditional ones. Couples are trading out mainstream DJs for bands with unique sounds and asking their classic quartet to play songs from the Beatles or Beyonce, instead of the standard Avé Marie and Canon in D. It’s just one more way couples are making their day stand out from the rest.

Whether you’re a couple looking to set new trends, or are traditionalists all the way, your wedding day should be a reflection of your personality. Make your first wedding dance a reflection of your relationship with a one-of-a-kind routine that you learned from Arthur Murray. After all, a romantic, memorable first wedding dance is always in style.







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