5 Dance Floor Survival TIps For An Upcoming Wedding

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Picture this, you open your mailbox and you see something inside that you’re actually excited to open. No, it’s not a bill, it’s a wedding invitation! You open the envelope excited to see the beautiful invitation. A dear friend or family member wants you to be a part of their most special day.


You are immediately excited and think to yourself, “I know exactly what I will wear” and start imagining yourself in that beautiful new dress or suit. In a moment, however, that excitement turns into complete anxiety. Your mind begins to race: I can’t dance! I will make a fool of myself! I can’t follow or lead a dance partner on the dance floor! What music will they play? Will they laugh at me?  I know, I’ll just stay at my table or hang out at the bar all night.

But deep down you really want to be out on the floor enjoying the night, dancing away with no fears. Free!  

Need to brush up on your dance skills? 

Here are our 5 Dance Floor Survival Tips For An Upcoming Wedding:

1. Take wedding survival dance classes.

When you arrive at your local Arthur Murray Dance Studio, tell them that you want to learn how to dance to anything they will throw at you at a typical wedding. The biggest mistake I see is students that only want to learn 1 or 2 dances and then can only dance a portion of the night.  Learn how to take one step and dance it to different rhythms.

2.  Practice!

Come to as many practice parties as possible before the wedding. At every Arthur Murray Dance Studio we have weekly practice parties/sessions. Their purpose is to help you feel what a real dance floor experience is like. The dance floor at a typical wedding can get pretty crowded so you need to be able to maneuver a partner around the floor, dance with different partners, and help with song identification (learning what dance goes with each song).

3.  Wear the right shoes!

There’s nothing worse than your feet hurting so bad that you can’t bear to keep your shoes on. Whatever shoes you’re planning on wearing, we recommend wearing them around the house. Take a few twirls in them for at least an hour. Ballroom dance shoes and can be very comfortable and are extremely easy to dance in. They come in lots of pretty designs and colors and most of the time you cannot even tell they are dance shoes. I tell all the brides we teach to get them and they are always grateful for the advice.

4.  Listen to music!

Listen to a wedding playlist on Pandora or Spotify in your car and at home. At home get up and dance! It’s great practice and will only increase your confidence. The more confidence you exude the more people will enjoy dancing with you.

5.  Let loose!

People are not going to be sitting there watching you and laughing, unless you are doing ‘The Elaine’ of course, he he. So, now that you’ve gotten some dance lessons under your belt, you know how to dance better than 99% of the people in the room. You’ll be very surprised at how impressed and encouraging everyone will be when they see you dancing. A little bit of training will give you just enough musicality and body rhythm to help you make your next wedding experience a huge success for you and your ego.








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