5 Reasons Why Parents of the Bride Should Be in Dance Lessons

Who says the bride and groom get to have all the fun at their wedding? As parents of the betrothed, you deserve to let your hair down and have fun too! You don’t need a few drinks before you feel courageous enough to hit the dance floor. All you need are some dance lessons from Arthur Murray New Jersey before the big day.

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Here are five reasons you should take dance lessons:

1. Be confident on the dance floor

parents of the bride confidence.jpgFew things can ignite panic in people like an open dance floor, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Getting into lessons in advance of the big day can help you learn some moves and give you the confidence you need to enjoy the night. After all, the bride and groom aren’t the only stars of the night. As parents of the newlyweds, you’ll know the majority of guests at the wedding. Now, don’t you want to show them your new moves?

2. Enjoy your Father-Daughter or Mother-Son dance moment

parents of the bride mother.jpgWeddings are full of sweet and intimate moments—the vows, the first kiss, the couple’s first dance and the father/daughter and mother/son dance. We really want you to soak up that special moment with your daughter or son on the dance floor. Taking lessons in foxtrot, rumba, swing, merengue, or waltz will prepare you for your dance debut. That way, instead of focusing on your steps, you’ll be focusing on this milestone with your child.

3. Brings you together as a couple

parents of the bride together.jpgMarrying off your baby boy or girl is something you and your spouse should celebrate. You have a new daughter or son in law, a new extended family, new traditions to look forward to, and hopefully, plenty of grandkids in your future! Dancing the night away with your spouse is a beautiful and romantic way to celebrate a job well done as parents.

4. You may drop some pre-wedding weight

parents of the bride weight.jpgThe bride isn’t the only one sweating for the wedding. Moms and dads want to look good too as they walk down the aisle and smile for a plethora of family photos. Forgo the gym membership and try dance lessons instead to get to your desired wedding weight. Dancing can burn up to 500 calories per hour, meaning you’ll look great in that dress or tux in no time.

5. Stress relief during this busy planning time

parents of the bride stress.jpgWedding planning can be stressful. Whether you are fronting the bill for the wedding or helping create several custom centerpieces, you need to de-stress during this busy planning season. Dancing gives you an endorphin rush and helps your brain recharge. You’ll relieve stress each time you dance, so much so, that after lessons you’ll be ready to help tackle that daunting seating chart.

Congratulations on the engagement of your son or daughter. We want to help make the day as special as it can be. Try a free lesson with us today. It’s our wedding gift to you!







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