Second Time Around? Make Your 1st Dance Great at Your 2nd Wedding

No doubt you learned a few lessons from your first marriage. We bet you’re taking that wisdom into your new marriage. And hopefully you learned some things from your first wedding and are striving to do it differently the second time around to make your big day special and memorable.

Second wedding first dance

If you can, think back to your first wedding. The day probably flew by. Now that you get to do it all over again, you know how important it is to try and pause during special moments throughout the day.

One opportunity to stop and enjoy yourself is your first dance as bride and groom. Whether you’re having a small, intimate gathering, or a large shindig, the first dance gives you a chance to soak it all in.

Tradition of the first dance

Traditionally, the first dance was the official kickoff to the dancing for the night. Once the newly married couple danced, other guests were invited to join them on the dance floor. It is the bride and groom’s chance to have an intimate, private moment and then have guests join in on the party!

Here’s how to make your (second) first dance great:

Take plenty of time to prepare

Second wedding first dance 1You’ve put plenty of time and effort into cultivating your relationship and a good amount of time and thought should be put into your first dance as well. Start listening to songs, practicing dancing at home, and getting in professional dance lessons several months before the big day.

Pick your song

Choosing a song the second time around can be tricky but there are many good options out there. Listen to several songs with your fiance. Whether you choose a classic love ballad or a modern love song, you’ll want it to reflect your personality as a couple. Songs like “God Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts, and Frank Sinatra’s “The Best is Yet to Come” are perfect choices if you feel stuck.

These shoes were made for dancing

Second wedding first dance 2This is a lesson we have learned over and over. Always have a pair of backup shoes. You can wear those sexy heels for the ceremony but bring a pair of comfortable shoes for dancing. You don’t want all those dance lessons to go to waste because you can’t move in your stilettos.


Avoid putting guests to sleep with your prom sway. Hit the dance floor confidently by taking group or private lessons at Arthur Murray New Jersey. If the happy couple is confident on the dance floor, then wedding guests will follow suit and the dance party will go all night long!

If you can, get your parents, wedding party, and other friends to join you in dance lessons leading up to the big day. Lessons can help build camaraderie and confidence and ensure guests fill up your dance floor.

Start your second wedding off on the right foot by calling us today. We want you to have a successful first dance, wedding, and marriage and will help you take the first step!







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