How to Make Your Wedding Dance Memorable

It’s your big day. The moment you’ve probably been thinking about for a long time. And it’s here—it’s the day you’re getting married. While some people like to keep nuptial celebrations low-key, others love the idea of crafting the perfect party that fits their relationship to a T. For some couples, that means wowing friends and family with a first wedding dance that exceeds all expectations.

Wedding dance 2-1

If you’re hoping to entice guests to whip out their phones and record while you tear up the dance floor, there are certainly some best practices for making your wedding dance stand out and drop jaws.

Making your wedding dance stand out

Social media could use a new viral wedding dance, and you and your spouse-to-be could be the next stars. See our tips below for putting together a wedding dance people will gush about for decades to come.

Choose the right song

Wedding dance Many couples will want to choose a wedding song that is meaningful to them or tells their relationship’s story. If you have a song in mind, that’s great! If you don’t, that might be even better. The truth is, the rhythm of your song needs to match the style of dance you want to perform at your wedding. So you probably can’t do the salsa to a country song. (Try these country songs great for dancing.)

If you need help deciding which song to choose, not to worry! Arthur Murray’s highly trained  dance instructors are able to guide you in this journey. From song selection to routine creation to private dance lessons, AMNJ can prepare any couple for the dance floor within a reasonable amount of time [insert link to other post about how long dance lessons take]. If you want an idea of what types of songs you could dance to, look at this list.

Choose the right routine

Wedding danceWhen it comes to a dance routine that resonates, you want it to connect with as many of your guests as possible. That’s why a crowd-pleasing routine can really work well for your wedding dance. What does that mean? Maybe mixing in a few iconic moves from popular movie scenes, or wowing guests with a surprise finish.

As far as creating your dance routine, though, we recommend leaving it to the professionals. This way, the pros can do what they do best, and all you have to focus on is learning the steps. Oh, and marrying the love of your life. If you’re located in New Jersey, there are many dance studios to choose from for wedding dance lessons.

The first step to a memorable wedding dance is booking your first lesson. Live near Denville, Roxbury, Morristown, Ridgewood, or Chatham, New Jersey? Click here to get your first wedding dance lesson FREE! If you’re nervous, we totally understand. Check out some of our student testimonials to get an idea of what learning to dance with Arthur Murray New Jersey is like.






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