Our Favorite First Wedding Dances on YouTube

First wedding dancesThe first dance between a bride and groom is a long-standing tradition and a powerful exposition of the couple’s dedication, partnership and teamwork. Each first dance is as unique as the relationship itself.

There’s no better way to captivate your wedding guests than for you and your new spouse to wow them with your moves on the dance floor. We love it when brides and grooms showcase a choreographed routine they’ve learned for their first dance.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer or have years of training to pull off a phenomenal first dance with your new spouse! Arthur Murray New Jersey studios can help you create a customized first dance that will make your wedding absolutely unforgettable. And the moves that you learn won’t just last for the night. You and your spouse will be able to bust them out and show them off at future weddings, vacations, dates, and other special events. Learning that first dance is a fun investment in your relationship future.

Here are some of our favorite first wedding dances. These couples dazzled their guests with their moves and helped set the tone for the rest of the reception—and their marriage!

Wedding Jive Dance

This spirited couple knocked out the high-energy Jive as their first dance, setting an upbeat tone for the rest of the night on the dance floor. All the spins and turns of their routine showcase the bride’s stunning, flowy dress as well as the couple’s fun, energetic personalities.

Theatrical Dance and Smoke

Adding a fog machine to this first dance really boosts the wow factor for this couple and their crowd. Their choreographed dance is graceful and romantic and looks completely customized. All of the lifts involved make a beautiful sentiment for how the groom will support his wife throughout their marriage.

Swinging Twosome

You can’t help but smile as you see this couple grinning from ear to ear throughout their entire first dance. Their lively Swing dance is fun, quirky, and delights their guests. This style dance is a great way for the new couple to celebrate the night and their nuptials.

Fancy Foxtrot

This couple’s elegant Foxtrot charmed their guests at their wedding. The dance involves many dips, turns, pull ins and touches, giving this couple an intimate and crowd pleasing first moment as a new couple.

Invigorating Samba

The electrifying Samba in this first wedding dance lets the couple take full advantage of using the entire dance floor, while showcasing the hard work they’ve put in to learn these moves. With their quick feet, fast turns and many, many spins, you can just tell this couple is ready to face marriage head on.

Sultry Salsa

Is there anything sexier than a new bride and groom dancing the Salsa together on their wedding day? The closeness and intimacy of this dance is a perfect chance to celebrate your new love. Wait for the middle of the video and you’ll see how the couple kicks it up a notch and changes to a quick Salsa.







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