How to Create the Perfect First Dance for Your Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re likely in full planning mode—picking out flowers, cake tasting yummy treats, and choosing the right music for your special night. In all your planning, make sure dance lessons with your fiancé (don’t you love saying that?) are also on your wedding to-do list.

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Whether you have two left feet, or are already a dancing machine, dance lessons at Arthur Murray New Jersey will help you and your sweetie have your once-in-a-lifetime moment on your perfect day.  

Getting started on the right foot — where to begin

wedding dance lessons nj-1.jpgAre you timeless or trendy?

Think about what you want your first dance to look and feel like. Do you want it to be soft and sweet? Do you want to wow guests with your choreographed moves? First dances should represent the couple’s personality, so whether you are classic and formal or fun and funky, let your first dance be a reflection of your relationship.

Your perfect song

After you pick the style you want, you have to find a great song to go with it. Listen to several songs before choosing one. Pay attention to the lyrics and the way you feel when you hear the music. You’ll want this song to evoke memories of this moment years from now.

Type of dance

Once you know the style you want and have an idea of song choices, you can start to choose which type of dance you want. This is more specific than the overall feel of your dance. The Waltz, Salsa, Swing, Rumba and Foxtrot are all popular styles for a first wedding dance and can be taught through our private lessons. Each has its own style and rhythm and will add a personal touch to your wedding day.

Time to get your feet wet — and moving

wedding dance lessons.jpgNo experience needed

You don’t need any experience before starting lessons with us! In fact, we don’t expect you to know anything. If you have some dance experience, you might pick up the steps quicker and need fewer lessons but we work with all levels to get them dancing.

Like dress shopping, give yourself plenty of time

Now comes the really fun part! You and your sweetie get to take dance lessons and watch your first-dance vision come to life. You’ll want to give yourselves enough time to practice before the big day. Plan for at least six sessions to really hone in your moves. Dance lessons won’t just benefit your first dance as a couple, they will give you confidence to dance with your guests all night long!

You can start by filling out this form to get a free private lesson. We would love to help you prepare for your special day and help make your first dance the most memorable one of the night.







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