Wedding Dance Lessons: not just for the Bride and Groom

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Wedding season is about to take over the social calendars of many, and if you’re smart, you’ll arrive prepared. How does one prepare for the slew of “I do’s”, you ask? Well, getting your dancing skills up to par is definitely the first order of business. You’d hate to look lost on the dance floor. Plus, if you’re single, how are you going to meet anyone by simply staring from the sidelines, swirling your iced-down drink around? That’s no way to enjoy yourself.

The bride and groom don’t need to have all the fun. You can also have a blast at the wedding when you learn some seriously impressive dance moves, helping you feel more confident and ready to celebrate.

You should take wedding dance lessons if…

wedding dance 1 (1).jpgYou’re the parents of the bride or the groom

  • Because you will know the majority of the people, there will also be quite a bit of attention on you. Your friends, family, and new in-laws are just waiting for you to impress them—don’t let them down! This is your chance to make a great impression.
  • Wedding planning is known to bring all kinds of stress on the family of the bride and groom. The reception is your moment to finally enjoy the fruits of your labor––celebrate and party like you mean it.
  • Use this opportunity to put together a festive, professional dance to kick off your child’s new chapter of life. Thanks to photographers, your dance will be a gift that keeps on giving.

wedding dance 4 (1).jpgYou’re in the wedding party

  • As a member of the wedding party, a big part of your role is to help bring the party. If no one’s on the dance floor, it’s your job to get out there and start the fun. With awesome moves under your belt, you’ll make the dance floor a welcome, festive, and comfortable place.
  • Why be part of the party, but not part of the PARTY? You’re celebrating one of your dearest friends’ marriage; dance about it!
  • Go viral with the rest of the bridal party and create a surprise dance that blows everyone away and gives you your 15-seconds of fame. The dance these groomsmen did was an instant sensation.

wedding dance 3 (1).jpgYou’re a married couple attending friends’ nuptials

  • Sometimes life gets busy and we don’t make enough time for the ones we love. Use the upcoming wedding in your planner as an excuse to reconnect with your spouse. Taking wedding dance classes is proven to be even better than counseling. And, yes, you can get your husband to take lessons with you.
  • You know it’s not often you get to dress up and have a night out. Let go a little and step onto the dance floor feeling confident. You’ll never want to stop dancing once you know how!

wedding dance 2 (1).jpgYou’re flying solo

  • Instead of dreading another wedding that makes you realize how single you are, take advantage of the opportunity to wow someone wonderful on the dance floor! Few settings are more romantic to meet people than weddings—love is in the air and the energy is high. You’ll love using your new skills as an ice-breaker, and dancing is always an attractive feature.
  • Taking wedding dance lessons is a great way to meet someone new. Singles take lessons all the time, and it’d be fun for you to practice with someone who has the same idea in mind… Maybe by the next wedding, you’ll have a plus-one to bring!

Wedding Dance Classes to Take

If you’re ready to make those feet of yours a bit fancier, it’s time to choose just what types of dances to learn. After all, you’d hate to sign up for a dance class, only to realize it’s not the best for wedding scenarios. Below are our suggested wedding dance lessons to make sure you’re ready to face the music.

  • Parents of the bride or groom: foxtrot, rumba, swing, merengue, or waltz. Learn more about each of these dances here.
  • Wedding party: cha cha or hustle
  • Married couple: bachata, salsa, swing, or merengue.
  • Solo: cha cha, hustle, rumba, or samba.

A full list of the dances we teach is here. At AMNJ, we’re here to help you get ready for wedding season, and we have a feeling you’re going to love your new rhythm when you dance with us. Just to make sure you’re ready to wow everyone, we even give you the first lesson for free! Come on in and find your soon-to-be-iconic dance floor groove.






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