Why We Love The Wedding Dance (And You Should, Too!)


Ah, the wedding dance! The symbol of love, companionship and trust. Along with the first kiss and exchanging of rings, it is an immortalized part of the beauty and ritual surrounding the union between two lovers. In a world where DIY fashion and eclectic design are remaking what it means to marry, the wedding dance is one staple of the ceremony you can count on to endure through time.

But why?

Dancing is a Great Way to Express Yourself

Dancing is as much a part of what it means to be human as walking or smiling. What culture or people exist on earth who do not dance? Our bodies are made to move, and moving through dance is good for them! Dancing can be athletic, social, artistic. No other discipline is so flexible!

But don’t worry. Your wedding dance need not be some marathon leaving you sweating and panting, nor an overdone performance piece. Instead, your wedding dance is your “hollywood moment”!

All throughout the day, you’ll be fawned over and loved. People will cry and cheer, just because they’re excited. Getting married is a big deal, but the skill it takes to organize doesn’t always show. People may go through the entire night having no idea how many hours of stress went into making the whole thing run. Enter the wedding dance and the hollywood moment.

A hollywood moment is that moment people stop seeing you as this person and that one, and start to see you for who you are now: one unit. One couple. It’s like the moment when you see an actor on the screen and you stop thinking “Oh that’s my favorite actor” and start feeling like the story the actor is in is real.

Why We Love the Wedding Dance (and you should too!)

You see, the wedding dance is your chance to show your friends and family “Hey, look at what we accomplished. See this marriage we’ve made? This is going to last!” A wedding dance is that special time where you show how much work you’ve done to create a life together. It’s a symbol people can see that tells them you’ve got the skills to handle the responsibility of marriage! That symbol is powerful, and it works like a magic spell to make people believe what you’re telling them: that you and your new spouse are together forever.

At the end of a well crafted wedding dance, you’re real. They’ve seen something they can’t deny — total cooperation borne from teamwork and problem solving. It has to be done right, but when it is, it’s a powerful statement.

And that is why we love love love the wedding dance!







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