Phase 2: Stepping up to Advanced Ballroom Dance

Have you been dancing with an Arthur Murray New Jersey studio for a while? Perhaps you’re starting to feel quite confident on your feet, and you’re really nailing the basics. If so, congrats on the progression! We love seeing our students find their rhythm with our instructors’ help. And we’re willing to bet you feel pretty great about your newfound confidence on the dance floor, too.

Advanced ballroom danceAs you start to outgrow your beginner classes and want to challenge yourself, there comes a time when dancers upgrade to advanced ballroom dance. Now, before you start to think you’re not ready—think again! Remember, our highly trained instructors are prepared to help you through every process of learning ballroom dance. If you’re wondering where to go next in your ballroom dancing journey, here are your options.

What is the next step after mastering ballroom dance basics?

Continue Learning

Advanced ballroom dance 1Being that there are so many types of ballroom dances we teach, there is good chance you have not mastered every single style! Plus, some dances are better for beginners, whereas others are best suited for advanced ballroom dancers. If you’re really loving dancing as a hobby and enjoy it for weight loss or any of the other inherent benefits, you should focus on learning other types of ballroom dances. Our instructors can teach you everything from the Waltz to the Salsa to the Argentine Tango—which one is next on your list?

Practice Outside of Class

Advanced ballroom dance 3So, you feel comfortable in your AMNJ studio, but have you taken your moves outside of class? If you started dance lessons to improve your overall demeanor on the dance floor or to prepare for an upcoming event, a natural next step for you would be to test out your skills in a new environment. Head to one of the New Jersey nightclubs that host ballroom dancing nights, or maybe even host your own dance party.

Enter a Competition

Advanced ballroom dance 2If you’ve got a competitive edge and want to put your skills to the true test—enter a ballroom dance competition! You will learn so much throughout the process, even if you don’t win, and the competition will give you something to train towards. Best of all, our instructors can help you prepare for your competition, so you won’t be alone on your new dancing journey! Plus, ballroom dance costumes are really beautiful and fun to wear—here are our favorites.

No matter where you want to go next on your journey as an advanced ballroom dancer, we are here to help! Schedule private lessons with your favorite instructor to take your dancing to the next level.







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