The Best Ballroom Dances for Beginners

If you’ve never taken up ballroom dancing, it can seem intimidating at first, but it really doesn’t have to be! Most ballroom dancers who are just starting find that it’s much easier (and fun) than they expected.

Ballroom dance beginners

Here are the best ballroom dances for beginners to learn. Don’t worry, at Arthur Murray Dance Now, we’ll guide you every step. And just remember, we were all beginners at one point.

Which ballroom dance to start with?

We teach over a dozen dances, so there’s bound to be one or two that you prefer or pickup easier than others. Generally speaking, these dances have minimal steps and are best for beginner dancers.

Paso Doble

With just two basic steps, you can start moving to this Spanish-style dance. The Paso Doble can be one of the easiest ballroom dances to learn with its series of small steps. Dancers can add theatrics by portraying the intensity of the bullfight, which the dance is based off. Stand straight and tall and you’ll have the Paso Doble down in no time.

Ballroom dance beginners 2


Often considered the backbone of many ballroom dances, the Waltz is a romantic and popular dance that is easy to learn. The slow dance uses only four steps, and is elegant, smooth and graceful. Learning the Waltz is useful too. It is often danced at weddings, formal holiday parties and other black-tie events.

The Lindy Hop

This Swing dance might look intimidating from the sidelines, but it’s one of the easier ones to master. With six basic steps, the Lindy Hop is fun and playful. The steps keep on track with the music, making it easy to follow along with each count.


An elegant partner dance, the Foxtrot is versatile and graceful. In its most basic form, the Foxtrot uses walking steps and side steps. Its slow-slow-quick-quick tempo and distinctive style make it easy for beginners to pick up.

Ballroom dance beginners 1

Cha Cha

We love the Cha Cha because anybody can learn it. In fact, you might already be familiar with the popular Cha Cha Slide. With five basic steps and a lot of hip movement, you can really bring the heat to this Latin Dance!

Once you start to learn the basic steps of these dances, you’ll gain confidence in your movement and dancing skills. Learning these beginner dances will make it easier for you to pick up other dances as well. You’ll soon see how these basic steps are seen in many other dances.

No matter what your level or experience of dance is, you can learn these beginner dances and more at Arthur Murray. Try a class with us today and see just how easy it can be to start becoming a ballroom dancer!







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