Something New For Two

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, it’s natural to crave new experiences. Especially when that person is your partner for life, you’ve probably already tackled all kinds of activities for two. But there may be one more experience you haven’t checked off your list yet, and the best part is, age is no factor!

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Bring the romance and playfulness back into your relationship, and take dance lessons as a couple. There are many reasons why picking up dance lessons together can greatly enhance your lives—below are some of our top reasons.

Benefits of trying a new hobby together

dance classes new jerseyHobbies are a great way to spend your free time, and if you’re retired, we’re willing to bet you’ve got quite a bit of free time! Even if you’re still working for a few more years, you may have noticed a little void in your life ever since the kids have flown the roost.

Fill that newfound time slot with a hobby you and your partner can begin together. Trying something new with your significant other is a great way to reconnect. With both of you stretching outside of your comfort zones, you are able to lean on each other and embark on this new adventure together, ultimately strengthening your bond in a whole new way.

Additionally, getting out and sticking to your hobby is a great way to stay active when you are experiencing a new stage of life full of free time. It might be easier to stay on the couch all day, every day, but that’s no way to live! Give your emotional and physical health a boost by trying a couple’s hobby. This way, you are both getting out, enjoying the world, and creating new memories together that you’ll cherish for the rest of your days.

Benefits of learning to dance with your partner

dance classes new jersey 1Teamwork makes the dream work, and such is the case with learning how to dance with your significant other. Ballroom dance is all about the dance partnership, and though you don’t have to choose your life partner as your dance partner, we certainly recommend trying to learn new moves with your love. The two of you will quickly notice that your team energy at home will translate quite nicely on the dance floor.

As both of you learn together, you’re on a dancing journey that’s all your own—just the two of you and the dance floor. Imagine the passion that can ignite from a few sultry steps on the dance floor! You’ll have a blast when you choose to do couple’s dance lessons, no matter if you’re fumbling through the mistakes together and nailing each and every move together.

We can talk all day about how great learning to dance with your significant other is, but you won’t truly understand until you try it yourself. Our experienced instructors at Arthur Murray New Jersey absolutely love teaching couples how to dance. There is a wide variety of dances we teach, so whether you’ve been dying to learn to Salsa or you just want to dip your toes with the Cha Cha, we are here to help with all of it. Of course, if you need help deciding, check out these top five dance classes for adults.

The atmospheres at all of our AMNJ studios are perfect for beginners, and if you want to work your way up to competition status, be our guest! There are many ways AMNJ can assist you with your dancing dreams, but the first step is on you.

Schedule your free first dance lesson with us today, and get a taste of what your new hobby will be like. We’ve also got some tips on getting your husband to take dance lessons with you, if you need help nudging him along. We hope to see you in the studio soon!







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