7 Quick Tips About Your Wedding Dance


There are a lot of misconceptions about wedding dances we hear at Arthur Murray. People come in with all sorts of expectations and requests. We love to deliver, but it’s also important to consider some of the following 7 quick tips about your wedding dance while you’re planning for that big day!

Planning Your WEdding Dance

1. You Do Not Need to Know Your Song to Get Started

So many people wait to start preparing for their wedding dance until they’ve chosen the perfect song. A song choice is hugely important when it comes to the final product, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until you’ve got it to start learning. You’ve got to learn to crawl before you can walk — or more accurately, before you can dance two straight minutes to Edward Sheeran without missing a beat. Get started early, learn the basics of all dances, and you’ll thank yourself later!

2. You Wedding Dance May Not Just Be One Kind of Dance

Often a single song can fit two types of dances. Maybe your wedding song isn’t just a Rumba, but a Rumba and a Foxtrot! We work with you to hybridize those dances to create something totally original and new. We do have a syllabus at Arthur Murray, but half the fun of having rules is breaking them cleverly!

3. That Said, You May Not Need a Routine for Your Wedding Dance at All!

Some people rely on the structure of a pre-planned routine to see them through the first dance, but that’s not mandatory. Some students love learning how to lead and follow naturally. When a student puts the time in to learn this amazing skill, they can let their wedding dance be totally spontaneous. If this is an option for you, say so! We’ll give you the tools to do something unprecedented on the dance floor when that big day comes!

4. It’s Not Very Smart to Come in Two Weeks Before Your Wedding Dance

You know it, we know it. Cramming delivers sub-par results. Our instructors hate it when they can’t guarantee a great feeling for your wedding dance and, trust us, you do not want to be second-guessing yourself on that dance floor. Instead, be proactive. You’ll find that we do so much more to prep you than just teach you step-after-step. With our help, your wedding dance can turn from the most stressful moment of your evening to the highlight! All it takes is a visit to your local Arthur Murray!

5. There is No “Wrong Dance”

The times when you had to do a waltz, a waltz, or a waltz are over. We live in a multicultural society and, whether your culture is derived from your nationality or your social circle we know the music you choose for your wedding dance may be a bit different from the usual. Don’t worry! We’re ready to work with whatever song you want to dance to!

6. Yes, Actually, the Wedding Dance is Important

To ignore the wedding dance is to ignore the the second of two chances to show your uniqueness and personality during your wedding. Unfortunately we don’t offer lessons for reading your vows (But my suggestions are 1) keep them straightforward and powerful and 2) no more than a glass and a half of wine beforehand, just for the nerves) but we absolutely can make the wedding dance a sight to remember. Keep in mind, how you perform on these two occasions tells your crowd what they can expect from your entire marriage, because they’re the first things you do as a formally unified couple. The wedding dance is a huge statement of cooperation and teamwork…or disorganization and laziness. Which one people come away thinking is up to you. 

7. Wedding Dance Lessons Can Take You Farther than Expected

People always think that wedding dance lessons exist only to prep them for a few minutes of dancing. If you asked any of our wedding couples you’d hear a different story. We don’t just prepare couples for the wedding dance, we prepare them for a whole night of dancing, a whole lifetime! Honeymoon? We got it. Anniversaries? Check. All the vacations and cruises and LIFE that comes after your nuptials? You’ll be able to dance for those too. Dancing isn’t like a cheeseburger, you don’t buy it and use it up until it’s finished. You have dancing for as long as you’ve got legs!





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