Ballroom Studios New Jersey Can Be Proud Of


In last week’s post, we spoke about first impressions when searching for the right NJ dance studio. This week we go a step further to discuss not only how a dance studio should make you proud, but how you can contribute to your own dance studio to make it a better place for yourself and others!

Customize, Customize, Customize

Everyone dances for a reason. If you know absolutely nothing about dancing, you still have an idea of what you want to look like once you’ve learned a thing or two. New Jersey dance lessons should help a New Jersey dancer express herself.

Make sure you’re clear and vocal about why you’ve started taking lessons. Did you start because:

  • You wanted to look more sexy?
  • You wanted to rekindle the romance between yourself and your partner?
  • You want to stop being a wallflower at parties?
  • You want to master an art?

There are as many reasons to dance as there are people on earth. Don’t assume your instructor will magically know without being told. They should always ask, but when they do you have to make a point of telling them the whole truth of why you want their service. Once they know, make sure they’re always on point. Every lesson should be aimed toward getting you to where you want to be.

Try Events

Dance is a performance art. When you keep it locked away you stunt your growth as a dancer. It doesn’t matter whether you come to look sexy or masculine or passionate or whether you come to break out of your shell or to fix a broken heart. If you’re only dancing at your studio you’re robbing yourself of the best part of New Jersey dance lessons.

There’s something magical about performing in front of a crowd. Half of it is the joy of standing in the spotlight. The other half happens long before you get there. Whether it’s a spotlight where you perform a quick routine with your instructor or a competition where you’re dancing all day against others, knowing you’re going to put yourself out there kicks you into gear like nothing else. You’ll find that you’re sharper every lesson, more eager to learn, and more dedicated to getting it right.

Just knowing you’re going to an event lights a fire under your butt. Try it yourself and be amazed!

Take Every Class (Like it’s Your Last)

Any NJ dance studio worth your time is going to offer you more than just private lessons. The biggest mistake I see new dancers make is to assume that they don’t need to use all the extras they get alongside their private education.

At Arthur Murray NJ, you get:

  • Private lessons
  • Group Classes
  • Practice Parties

It’s hard not to learn in a private lesson. There’s no one else to hide behind and the teacher is paying full attention to you. If you’re in a group class or a practice party, though, and you’re not on your feet the entire session then you’re missing out big time.

Your brain is this big mushy radio receiver and everything you do or see is constantly getting fed back into your mind and stored away for later use. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing, your brain is storing everything it sees and does and adding it together.

When you put your all into a group class, when you ask the right questions and take care to lead and follow properly, when you dance to every dance at a practice party and watch everyone around you to see if you can try what they do you build stronger pathways in your mind connecting you to the steps and skills you want. These pathways may not pay off right away, but they sure do make you better later on.

Treat every lesson, private or no, like it’s your last and watch yourself blossom into the dancer you want to be!

To wrap it up…

The best ballroom studios New Jersey has to offer have a lot to offer you. The best way to be proud of your dance studio (and the best way to make sure your studio is proud of you) is to dedicate yourself. Try everything, meet everybody. People live their whole lives only going half-way, whether it’s because they don’t think people are interested in them or because they don’t want to impose on others.

Don’t assume a dance studio is the same. Nothing excites your instructors and peers more than watching you love every minute of your time at the studio. It gives everyone a sense of accomplishment when you try new things and succeed!

At a NJ dance studio, we feed off of each other’s successes!

{{cta(‘43500d83-81cd-4af8-acfc-d260b56d29e9’)}}   In the comments below, tell me a time when you stepped out of your comfort zone and loved it!







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