Dance Lessons: A Resolution You’ll Love to Keep

How many of us start every new year all psyched and ready to conquer? You tell yourself, yes! This is the year that I will get off of my rear and stop procrastinating. This is the year that I will actually follow through with my goals that I set for myself!



You write all of your new year’s resolutions down post them all over the place, the fridge, the bathroom mirror, the visor in your car etc etc. But unfortunately two and a half weeks later you are back in the same old routine as all of the previous years. Wake up, go to work, then go home and veg out on the couch with the remote control in your hand. That’s not living; life is too short to watch other people’s fake lives on a flat screen, one-dimensional TV (well, maybe some of you have a 3D television… woohoo). That’s still no excuse.

This year try a new resolution. Set a resolution for yourself that’s realistic and that you would be glad to keep, dance lessons at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Our instructors work closely with you ensuring that you stay active. It’s not like joining a gym where nobody knows your name. Here we won’t let you slack off and quit yet another activity. We won’t let you disappoint yourself yet again.

You may not know this, but a 45 minute dance lesson is the equivalent of walking 3 miles. Dance lessons are a fun, easy way to exercise and get in shape, relieve stress, or just get reacquainted with your significant other. Our highly trained instructors are specialists in helping you set goals that you will keep.

Become healthier and happier in 2015. I dare you.







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