Dance Lessons: Give Her the Gift She Won’t Return

Editor’s note: This blog was previously posted in November 2014 and has been updated and revamped for accuracy.

dance lessons gift certificateHave you run out of gift ideas for your significant other? This holiday why don’t you do something completely out of  YOUR norm? Something completely “UN-YOU.” Honestly, once in a while it’s good to go out on a limb and show your loved one that you are crazy about her, so much so that you are willing to do something completely crazy. 

Dance lessons as a gift? Yes, why not?

dance lessons gift certificate arthur murrayImagine the points that you would score with your lady. Some guys come in to the studio a bit apprehensive. Maybe they don’t think it’s very masculine. Or maybe they think they are going to have to dress up in those funky dance costumes like on Dancing with the Stars. Or maybe they think that their “signature moves” like the cabbage patch, the sprinkler, and the moon walk are still in style. Think again.

dance lessons gift certificateNowadays, our student body is made up of about 50% couples that are looking to spice up their relationship. They don’t exactly come out and tell us this, but in just a few lessons we start to see a transformation in the way a couple looks at each other. Many of our couples tell us that dancing is cheaper and more fun than marriage counselling. So before you go out and buy your loved one another winter coat, consider doing something SEXY this year.

Try a dance lessons gift certificate at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, where we change lives one dance at a time. 







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