How To Find The Best Tango Lessons In New Jersey

tango lessons New JerseyLooking to try out Tango in New Jersey? Make sure you choose the ideal studio for your needs!  Here are the top questions we think you shoud ask when inquiring about Tango Lessons.

Looking to learn how to Tango?

Top Questions to Ask About tango Lessons

Do their instructors specialize in teaching beginners?

Although most dance instructors have great knowledge and ability, they may not always know the best way to teach dance. Dancing should be fun and easy, therefore you should never leave a lesson feeling like it’s too difficult, or that you’ll never be any good. All Arthur Murray instructors receive extensive training on how to make a student’s experience as enjoyable as possible. They will teach you by breaking each pattern down to its simplest form. In addition, they will teach you special techniques which will help you identify the rhythm of the music.

What style of Tango do you want to learn? 

tango lessonsYou may be surprised to know that there are several styles of Tango. Most people don’t have any idea of which style of Tango they actually want to learn. Make sure that you give your instructor a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish during the lessons––this will ensure that you are able to experience your “Tango Fantasy”.

At the end of this post are a list of movies which have some of the most popular Tango scenes in cinema, along with what style of Tango they show. So, when you make that call to schedule your first Tango you can say, “I want to be sexy and confident like Jennifer Lopez in Shall We Dance”, or strong and seductive like Antonio Banderas in Take the Lead.

Do they make me switch partners?

Switching partners can be a scary thought for some, but it’s an amazing way to learn how to lead or follow. When you think of a great dancer, they are usually someone that can dance with anyonelook great, and make their partner look great as well. Be sure to take lessons at a studio that has private lessons so you can receive that individual attention which every student needs. Also, be sure the studio offers group and practice parties so you can gain experience with a variety of partners. This will allow you to strengthen your leading or following skills. At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we have all three available throughout the week.

Do they offer all styles of partner dancing?

tango lessons new jerseyOften what we really desire is not an actual dance, but rather, the feeling the dance surges up within us. Tango is sensual, sexy, strong, romantic and extremely fiery.

The studio that you should ultimately choose is a place that will not just teach you a particualr dance, but will teach you how to dance. They should teach you how to emote the passion the dance draws from you.  

There are also some other dance styles that will help you to more quickly become a better Tango dancer. Rumba is great dance that will teach you how to place your feet properly, loosen your hips, and overall body movement. Waltz will help you develop into a better leader or follower. It will also make you more graceful and elegant on the floor. Zouk can teach you a lot about moving as one on the dance floor.

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we focus on making your vision come to life. We will ensure that your learning experience will be fun, easy and painless.

Dance movies to watch:

Shall We Dance
American Style Tango with an infusion of a few Argentine Tango moves.

Scent of a Women
American Style Tango with an Argentine Tango hold.
(Fun factAl Pacino did not show up to half of the practices––that’s why they almost never show his feet.)

Take the Lead
A contemporary take on the Argentine tango

Assassination Tango
Milonga Style Argentine Tango

Moulin Rouge
Argentine Tango








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