Improve your Golf Swing With This Tip That You’ve Never Heard Of

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How many times have we compromised with our loved ones in order to do something we want? Countless, right? Well, for those who think that conceding to take dance lessons is taking time away from working on your golf swing, you’re mistaken. It can actually improve your golf swing!

The main muscles used in the golf swing are your glutes, chest, back, forearm and core. And guess which muscles you work out when you dance? Yup, you guessed it––all of the above and more! But dancing isn’t just about toning up your muscles, coordination and memory are also helped by dance lessons and of course these skills can be carried over to the golf course.

improve your golf swing dance classes.jpgIn all the dances, you learn how to look tall and hold yourself up, which is also know as your posture and frame. Maintaining both your posture and your frame is how you engage your back muscles, chest, as well as your core. Well actually, your core, just like your glutes, is involved in each style of dance and every movement you make while you dance! As for your forearms, they are an important “connector piece” to be able to communicate effectively with your partner. If your forearms aren’t engaged, it becomes a bit difficult to lead or follow.

When you first started to play golf I’m sure it seemed like an impossible feat to even have a mediocre golf swing, and in truth, it is a complex movement. It takes the whole body to generate enough power to hit a golf ball and propel it to great distances with accuracy. Now that takes a lot of coordination! When you are learning how to dance we will teach you how to properly move your feet, lead or follow, and have a conversation while dancing! Now if you can do all those things, to the music and have a good time doing it, then mastering your golf swing is going to seem like a piece of cake!

All in all, dancing and golf go hand in hand, so what are you waiting for?! Let’s get you on the dance floor ASAP and get that golf swing looking the way you want it to look at the same time!







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