Spice Up Your Summer With Salsa Classes In New Jersey

shutterstock_277170644.jpgSummer lovin’ isn’t just for young kids and new relationships. You and your spouse can put some sizzle in your marriage this season by heating it up on the dance floor. Salsa means “sauce” in Spanish, indicating heat or spiciness. See how learning the salsa can heat things up in your marriage.

History of Salsa Dance

shutterstock_232372591.jpgSalsa dancing originated in Cuba in the 1920s. In the 1950s  many Cubans and Puerto Ricans came and settled in the U.S. They brought their sensual dance moves with them and the term “salsa dancing” was coined in New York. Today’s salsa is the result of many years of rhythmical evolution due to economical, social and political change.


Types of Salsa Dance

There is more than one kind of salsa dance. The four main types are L.A., New York, Cuban and Miami style, each defined by their geographic origin.

L.A. Style

L.A. style is a very flashy type of dance. Dancers of this style use many technically challenging moves, incorporating acrobatics such as flips, splits, spins and jumps to catch their audience’s attention.

New York Style

New York style salsa is similar to Mambo. It has the most varied interpretation of the basic step than other styles do. It is partner dancing and involves fancy footwork, shimmying, and rib cage movements. 


Cuban Style

Cuban style is the most similar to the salsa that originated in Cuba. It tends to be very male dominated and more restrictive to the woman. More recently, it has become more of a solo dance than a partner routine, due in large part to women wanting more freedom in the dance.


Miami Style

This style is similar to the Cuban style, but has its own twist on it from Florida origins. In Miami or Casino Style, dancers are in a circle while someone calls out the turn patterns. Steps are called out and the woman is passed to the next guy in the circle. It can involve a lot of arm hooks and pretzel-like holds, making for a very intricate dance style.

Where To Learn Salsa

shutterstock_260235179.jpgYou and your spouse can heat things up this summer at a local New Jersey dance studio. Get started by checking out three tips to help you choose a dance studio. Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers a free private lesson for your first time. Switch up date night and try something new with dance lessons!
Signing up for salsa lessons with your spouse will make you both feel sexy, steamy and scintillating. It’s a great workout, a lot of fun and a way to add some romance into your routine.

Hot Clubs To Try Out Your New Moves

Once the pair of you has your hot new moves in sync, it’s time to go out on the town and dance the night away. There are as many clubs in Northern New Jersey as there are types of salsa dancing. Try out a few to find your favorite.

Son Cubano is an upscale restaurant and bar which features live music on Friday and Saturday. Check out their Facebook page for after-work hour events where you can show off your steps.

’s owners are from Puerto Rico and Cuba and pride themselves on creating an eclectic vibe that celebrates Latin culture in their restaurant and lounge.

Learning the sultry salsa dance together will heat things up on and off the dance floor. It can connect the two of you in a new way as your body speaks to one another in the language of dance.








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