What do I need to know before I come for my first lesson?

first dance lessonWe are ecstatic that you are considering dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio! Taking dance lessons will be a fun and exciting adventure, one that will challenge you physically and mentally. And one that will reap many rewards!

You may feel intimidated or anxious about attending your first lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Don’t worry! We are here for you and want to see you succeed. Here is all the information you need to help you prepare for your first lesson.

Not a student yet?

What to Expect

A dance evaluation
The first lesson will be a simple evaluation where we’ll get to know you, show you our facility, introduce you to our awesome staff and try a couple of steps so you can see what our learning process is like. 

You have options
After your first lesson, a dance instructor will walk you through the different program options and help you choose which program is right for you.

It will be fun
Our lessons are fun and challenging and you will be shocked at how quickly the time goes by. You’ll get your body moving and leave excited for your next lesson.

dance lessonsWhat to Bring

Proper attire
You can essentially wear anything to your first dance lesson as long as it allows you to move comfortably. Avoid wearing tennis shoes as they grip to the floor and don’t allow you to glide. The more you dress like a dancer, the more you’ll feel like one.

Good hygiene
Remember that you may be dancing very close to people at times. Don’t wear strong cologne or perfume and pop in a mint before your lesson if you can. 

Change of clothes
If you sweat a lot or are going somewhere after, you may want to bring an extra shirt or change of clothes.

Additional Helpful Tips

Arrive early
Get to your first lesson early. You’ll have the chance to observe dancing lessons and meet other dance students. Talking with a few people before you begin can help settle any nerves and remind you that dancing is a great way to meet people

Get pumped
Watch one of these dance movies or two to lift your spirits and get you excited and ready for your first lesson.

Set realistic expectations
You probably won’t leave your first lesson a professional dancer, but keep coming back and you will quickly learn new steps, make new friends and have increased confidence.

Taking dance lessons really can change your life. You never know what might happen when you embark on the journey of dance. Deciding to join something challenging, adventurous and fun can have an impact for years to come. It certainly did for this Arthur Murray student!








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