You Can Dance With or Without a Dance Partner

Dance lessons are a great way to reconnect with your partner over a fun new experience. But what if you are a lone ranger and find that your partner doesn’t want to try ballroom dance classes with you? Or, furthermore, what if you’re a single guy or gal? Does that mean you can’t give dance lessons a go because you don’t have a dance partner? Well we’ll just tell you now, you absolutely can come to class with or without a dance partner on hand. There’s actually benefits to both!

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Learning to Dance with a Partner

Like we said before, dancing with your partner can help you develop a deeper connection and reignite passion. You’ll learn to have deeper trust in each other, be more compassionate as you watch each other stumble through the steps in the beginning, and feel immense pride in seeing each other master your dance technique. Dancing with a partner requires communication and grace, but it’s also a lot of fun! You and your partner can expect to share many smiles and laughs along the way, and we all know being able to laugh at yourself makes any task just a little bit easier to handle. 

Learning to Dance Solo

Dance partner 1Coming to dance class alone is actually a great way to not only meet new people at the dance studio, but it also makes you a very well rounded dancer because you will have the opportunity to dance with multiple partners. Part of learning to dance is learning the cues for all different styles of dance and getting used to how it feels to be in close proximity to another person while dancing. Because you’ll be able to dance with other students at your dance class each week, your dance skills will be versatile and strong. Plus, you will meet other beginner dancers on a regular basis and who knows, you may find your perfect dance partner after all. 

What if You’re Nervous

Dance partnerIt’s okay to be a little uncomfortable when heading to a dance lesson solo, but try to remember, everyone else is feeling the exact same way. Whether you’re nervous about meeting new people because you’re a wallflower, or you don’t want to look like a fool on the dance floor, dancing can feel intimidating. But we promise, it will get easier! Anxiousness and excitement are actually two faces to the same coin. The same part of the brain is activated in both feelings, but it’s how the brain interprets this emotion that determines how we respond. So flip that fear over and head to class with confidence. 

It may seem like a two person job, but you can easily become an experienced dancer without bringing a dance partner to class with you. Let your nerves propel you forward and you may end up finding the perfect partner after all. In the meantime, the most important step is to get on the dance floor and start practicing!







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