Hibernation vs. Liberation Through Dance

Thinking about hibernating this winter? Think again. There are many better ways to spend the season, especially if you don’t want to be feeling the winter blues for months on end. Instead of hibernating this winter, consider liberating yourself through none other than dance.

Freedom through dance

It is common to want to hole up in the cold months—especially for shy folks—but doing so will only result in loneliness and unhappiness. Instead of giving in to your inner hermit begging you to hibernate, liberate yourself through dance for the most transformative, most exciting winter season you’ve ever experienced. The freedom of being active through dance will undoubtedly make you feel liberated when you emerge into spring in 2019.

Why liberation through dance is beneficial

Finding freedom through dance can be extremely beneficial. Here are some of the ways dancing can chase away your winter blues this season.

You can express yourself

Dance, as an art form, is an incredible way to unleash and hone your creativity. Simply by being able to move freely on the dance floor, you will quickly realize how liberating it is to move your body. Dance allows you to express yourself in any way you please—whether that means unleashing some frustration or celebrating a win at work is up to you.

Freedom through dance 1

You will become more confident mentally and physically

Confidence is not everybody’s best trait, and if you’re one of those people who feels they’re lacking some mojo, consider taking up dance lessons. Learning to dance will undoubtedly help your mental confidence, but did you know it will also improve your physicality too? Don’t pack on the pounds this winter, instead, pursue your best body yet. Dance combines exercise and fun, making it way better than the gym.

Freedom through dance 2

You will reap emotional and psychological benefits

Feeling stressed, depressed, or simply unmotivated? Go dance about it! Seriously—liberation through dance is a phenomenal way to boost your mood and slash stress. If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, dancing could be your light at the end of the tunnel. Your feel-good hormones will be off-the-charts when you decide to dance instead of hibernate this winter.

Instead of hibernating, become a better you this winter. There are so many ways dancing can solve your problems, and we hope you’ll let us help you figure that out. All you have to do is stop in or call to book your free first dance lesson. From there, what you can become or achieve are endless!







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