3 Steps To Becoming a Better You

One thing which unites all ballroom dancers is a drive to better themselves. And while dancing is one of the best paths toward becoming a better you, it’s only one part of a full life. Today, we’ll take a look at three tips from Arthur Murray instructors for creating a better life. Arthur Murray instructors spend every day trying to help students better their lives. Let’s see what motivates them!

1) “Learn to be on top of any social occasion and, whatever your goals, always break them down into easy steps.” 

– Nico, Chatham Instructor

better life

Nico’s point is twofold, and both points bear explaining. The first, being on top of social situations, is key to being a happy and healthy person. Dancing absolutely helps, and should be part of anyone’s plan to expand their social horizons. For people experiencing social anxiety, there are steps you can take to ease your path toward social liberation! Even the most confident people can use this stuff!

His second point, concerning breaking down steps toward your goals, really ties in well to the article I’ve linked above. So many people shoot for great big goals, but never reach them. After the thrill of setting a goal wears off, achieving it can be difficult! Break it down into bite size pieces, just like steps in dancing, and you can create a routine that changes your life!

 Not a student yet?

2) “I’ll tell you what my mother always told me: don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you!” 

– Filipa, Chatham Instructor

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An inverse version of the golden rule, Filipa’s advice is a timeless plea for people to treat each other with respect. At Arthur Murray, we strive to treat our students like family. But it’s also a great thing to keep in mind on the path to becoming a better you!


Some people believe in karma– what goes around comes around. Some believe in God, who wants all people to love one another. Some people adhere to philosophies like humanism, which desires for everyone to be free and determine their own destiny. Common to all of these beliefs is an underlying truth: people are good, and they deserve to be happy.

Could you have grown up and flourished in a world where everyone was out for themselves? Your parents? Your siblings? Your teachers? Your friends? Love and accept others, as Filipa’s mother suggests, and the people in your life will lift you up!


3) “Stop ignoring the things you want in life.” 

– Alexandra, Chatham Instructor

better you

I can’t tell you how many people come to our studio for a free private lesson and kick themselves for not having tried dancing sooner. People spend their lives delaying the special moments for the practical ones, delaying the good times for the productive or profitable ones. Have you thought recently about why you work so hard? Isn’t it to afford the awesome experiences you deserve?

At Arthur Murray of New Jersey we encourage you to become a better you by taking a moment to consider what will make you happy tonight. If dancing is something you’ve always dreamed of, make the time in your life for it just like you make the time for all the hard work and responsibility. Don’t you have a responsibility to yourself to try new things? Expand your horizons? Develop great social skills?

An old Chinese saying really applies here: The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is right now.


Get out there and plant a tree of happiness for yourself that’s long overdue!








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