3 Things Arthur Murray’s Instructors Can Teach You About Dance Styling

Dance styling is the silver bullet of our art. If you’ve got physical limitations. If you feel awkward in your own skin. If you’re not sure that you are presenting your true self on the floor then styling is for you. Lets look at what you can learn from Arthur Murray Instructors about dance styling!

1. How to move with intention

Ever tried a new dance and thought “well, I know the steps. Why don’t I feel like I’m doing it right?” The answer lies in styling. Styling helps you unite every part of your body, it forces you to coordinate your feet and your hands to create a single, powerful image.

That powerful image is what makes a dance stand out, and also fit in with the rest of the “good dancers”. It’s not outside your reach. Once you know how to perform a step, take a few lessons to learn how to style that step before you move on. That’s how the pros do it!

2. How to interact with a crowd

Why do we style? To interact with the crowd! When you dance away from a mirror, all you’re worrying about is “does this feel right?” And while that’s always the first thing you need to think about, the second thing you need to ask is “does this LOOK right?”

If you’re not sure about that, you need styling. How we look as a dancer is purely for the benefit of the crowd. When we get out in public we want to give a good show. So styling is imperative. Don’t be caught just knowing the steps!

3. How to express yourself

Styling is about style, duh! But that style has to come from you. Your teacher will tell you that dance styling is all about you, and it is! At your studio, you’ll be practicing how to express yourself through your dancing. So ask yourself this: how do you want to look? What is your style?

Just like in music, in dance it’s really crucial to be able to set yourself apart from the rest. This is how real dancers make a name for themselves, and it’s how you can be memorable and unique in your own life!







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