3 Ways Ballroom Dance Classes Are Better Than A Gym Membership

couple dancing together - black dress

The skills learned at a Private Ballroom Dancing Classes far outweigh the amount of weight that you can lift, push or pull at any gym. You not only learn some cool moves that you can show off at the next wedding or family function but you also strengthen and refine your social skills. The best part is that you only need to learn it once and it’s yours for a lifetime. 


We hear it all the time, “It’s the easiest way to meet new people”. Unfortunately gyms don’t give you the same opportunities. Don’t get me wrong working out is definitely important, but consider this, working out in a fun environment with other people that share the similar goals. Having fun, meeting people and getting in shape. Life is totally different at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we welcome chatter and engagement. We want to see you come out of your shell. Ballroom dance classes make it very easy to engage and get to know new people that share similar interests.

2) Gain confidence

dance lessons better than a gym membership

A lot of the people that come in for lessons secretly want to gain confidence and overcome shyness. They don’t always come right out and tell us that, but we see the transformation that occurs in a short period of time.  Shyness is paralyzing and not an easy way to live. A gym will help you gain big muscles but it won’t help you if you are socially challenged. I’ve met lots of people with big muscles that still aren’t comfortable in their own skin. Sure looking fit makes you look good on the outside but how do you feel about yourself inside? 

3) Learn to Dance

are dance lessons better than a gym membership?

And if those other benefits are not enough to get you thinking about dance classes, consider this, you will become more graceful, poised and elegant. We teach all walks of life. No partner is necessary, just bring a positive attitude and be ready to have more fun than you could have ever imagined. Our motto is Fun & Easy.







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