5 Reasons You Need to Try Salsa Dancing in New Jersey


Salsa dancing is taking New Jersey by storm. At Arthur Murray we’re noticing a huge upswing in people interested in all latin dances but, because of its fantastic qualities, salsa dancing in New Jersey is one of our top picks. We love it! For years we’ve been singing the praises of this amazing dance. If you haven’t heard the buzz, then allow me to explain our love affair with salsa!

1. Salsa is Easy!

The two basic steps of salsa are pretty easy to pick up, and great fun to learn! Through learning these steps, you’ll practice moving your body with fluidity and grace. Sex appeal comes standard with salsa whether you’re a man or a woman, so be ready to move your hips!

The ease of salsa comes from its stationary, back and forth nature. Unlike smooth dances (waltz, foxtrot, tango…etc) salsa stays mostly in place. It features rock steps and well-timed pauses which give dancers a look of sensual slowness followed by flashy bursts of speed. Add in the seductive turns and you can see why in New Jersey salsa dancing is absolutely taking over the club scene!  

2. Salsa is Available

Internationally, salsa is one of most widely known dances. In South America, of course, you’d be hard pressed to find a living soul who doesn’t salsa. It is, simply put, the most important latin party dance. Thanks to that popularity you can practice salsa at any club where latin music is played. New Jersey is a great place to find these clubs. Interested? Try Perlé in New Brunswick, with its gorgeous interior and classy parties. They have dedicated Salsa Thursdays! Or if you’re looking for something more raw, Club Coco Bongo in Elizabeth hosts a riotous nightlife atmosphere and late hours!

There are a thousand others, too. Tell us about your favorite clubs in the comments!

3. Salsa is a Bonding Experience

Salsa can be friendly or intimate, depending on the context. A steamy night on the town with a date can lead to sensual, eye-locking, skin-touching salsa romance. Meeting a few dancing friends for drinks and partying can end with you all trying to out-spin and trick each other while a crowd cheers on.

Salsa is all around a great skill for an adult to have. And in a place where nightlife is so celebrated like New Jersey, salsa is a surefire way to connect to people, whether you’re in love with them, like to hang out with them, or have never met them before.

4. Salsa Reinvents You

Who are you? Who do you want to be? When we ask people that question, the answers we get start tame, but over time our students begin to realize that taking dance lessons opens them up to more daring possibilities.

Salsa has this power too. As far as dances go, salsa is racy and exhilarating. The music encourages dancers to let loose, release their inhibitions and join the party. Yet it can do so much more than that, it can help you see yourself in a whole new light, as a person made for fun and excitement and adventure! And when you see yourself in a new way, the world follows your lead. Suddenly, you’ll be the fun one, the party animal, the dancer.

5. Salsa is Healthy

At Arthur Murray, we love to stay in shape. We’ve tried all the power-diets, the workout routines, the fads and crazes. But really, the best way to stay in shape is what we already do here: dance. Alongside Cha-Cha and Samba, Salsa is one of the best low-impact cardio exercises dancing has to offer.

Our students report feeling happier, more energetic, and sharper in their day-to-day lives because salsa not only works the body, but its patterns and social interactions provide a unique workout for the mind. The human body is made to dance, and if you aren’t dancing with your body, you’re missing out!










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