5 Ways to Look and Feel Younger Today

look and feel younger

Let’s face it, the image you show to the world is what you get judged by. People don’t get to experience your heart unless they get past your appearances. In work and in play, looks matter. And in today’s culture of style, looking and feeling young gets you ahead. So how can you improve the face you show to the world?

Eat Healthy

What you put into your body is what you get out of it, plain and simple. All the creams and tools and products in the world can help your outside if you’re killing your inside with toxins.

One of the hardest transitions people can make is to shrug off their addictions. Most people only think of addiction in terms of alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or drugs. But the sneaky one is food. And we eat far more than we do all the other stuff. We eat every day, and it’s the one thing we can never give up. You’ve got to change what you put in, to maintain what you show off!

Practice Conversation

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You want to look and feel younger? Act younger, socialize younger. Go out into the world and meet the people you want to be like, be they younger or just more charming. The people who seem youthful are really people who know how to convey their energy to others!

Find people out in the world and practice conversational skills! Remember, it’s always a process. But if you never begin the process you’ll never see the results.

Learn to Adapt

The world will change faster and faster every year. Technology updates itself fast, social trends adapt quickly. You have to adapt too. You need to stay in touch. It’s easy to get “old”, but getting old is simply settling for the popular culture that makes you feel young. Well, newsflash, the only way to stay cool is to know what’s cool now.

The people you want to rub shoulders with are connected to the internet. That’s where the future of culture lives. So get online! Browse Facebook to see what people are talking about. Follow the people you like on Twitter. Learn how to use Instagram!

Dance Regularly

It’s not easy to be social or connected to the internet age. It is easy to start dancing! Dancing is that one thing that adults can do that never makes you seem old. It’s a way of connecting the past with the present in a way that seems classy.

No one is going to mistake a fifty year old woman for a eighteen year old. But that doesn’t mean that she can’t have sex appeal. Learning to move your body not only gives you the moves, it gives you the energy to keep up in this fast world.

Lose the Fear

The biggest tip for looking and feeling young is to stop being ashamed of trying. Telling yourself what you are, especially if that self image is a negative one, only restricts you. Be anything. Be everything.


If you’re open, you can define your life on your terms. If you’re closed off, you won’t be able to look or feel younger, and trust me, people can tell the difference.









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