7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Ballroom Dance Studio in New Jersey

Choosing a dance studio in New Jersey may seem a little overwhelming at first. To help you choose the right studio and the right program, it’s important to keep these 7 questions in mind.


1. Do they specialize in all dances?

If you want to be a good social dancer, this is key! Whether it’s salsa dance lessons, or tango dance lessons or wedding dance lessons the studio should do it all! Be wary of studios where teachers specialize in one dance. Would you go to a college that just teaches one course?

2. What are the results of their students similar to you?

Forget about yelp, what do you hear from people who are attending that ballroom dance studio. Did they receive results? Does  it look like they are getting what they came for? Most of all, are they happy? Are they recommending their friends?

3.  What type of certification do your teachers have?

Studios like Arthur Murray Dance Studios, require their teachers to be professionally certified to dance and teach. Some teachers say they’re champions  winners of dance contests in their respective countries, but titles are easy to come by and hard to verify. You want to see that the organization they are working for has trained them and certified them as great dance instructors!

4. How will my progress be monitored and tracked?

When taking private lessons or group lessons, you want your teacher to know what you’re learning at all times! Does the studio have a chart where they track your progress? Are there follow ups on your private dance lessons and check ups to make sure you’re improving? They should have an accredited syllabus that they follow and not just have their teachers taking routines from youtube.

5. What is their long term game plan for your learning to dance?

Dance studios should have a personalized plan for you spanning the length of time it will take you to reach your goal. They shouldn’t just preach it, there should actually be a plan.

6. What is their cancellation policy?

Many ballroom dance studios have easy cancellation policies where you can cancel at any time. It’s good if there is an enrollment agreement so that everything is clear. A receipt alone wont help you if they go out of business and disappear. Most franchised dance studios will protect you from that with this agreement.

7. How much does it cost?

The cost of dance lessons usually range from a couple hundred dollars for a few weeks of lessons. Good ballroom dance studios will have a program that combines private dance lessons, group and party sessions. This gives you a well rounded education of learning to social dance in all types of situations. Most dance studios can find programs to fit your particular budget. 









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