Confidence Boost: 3 Tips to Regain Your Sense of Self Through Dance

dancing for confidence

People define themselves by titles. Are you a father or a mother? Are you a doctor or a manager? Most people have a few titles they identify as, though there’s usually one major one that defines you more than the rest. But what happens when you begin to define yourself in a direction you didn’t mean to go? What happens when you begin to lose your sense of self and you need a confidence boost?

You dance.

Why dance? Well, first off, when you walk into an Arthur Murray dance studio, you get treated like royalty. Our staff have a strict code of amazing service and personal care that has to be experienced to be believed. We honestly spend time every day thinking about our students, how we can help them achieve their goals, and how to teach them in a way that will delight them. We want our studio to be your around-the-corner vacation spot.

But aside from feeling like there’s a staff of people out to make you feel great, there’s also the customization of your dancing. We have a syllabus, and we may have certain dances we teach, but that’s about as formulaic as we get. The rest is about style.

The great thing about a dance routine is that it can convey your personality in one of two ways: it can tell a story, or it can express a mood.

If you tell a story, your dance is a tale that has a beginning and an end. Maybe you want to immortalize a special moment in your life to a rumba? It can help you remember that time in a new and beautiful way.

If you express a mood, your dance isn’t some linear story. Instead, it’s a series of moves that are like a Maori War Dance— pure emotion and expression. People who watch it can’t help but see you in a new light. Now, it doesn’t have to convey power, like the war dance. It can convey romance, sensuality, fun, masculinity– anything you like!

Dancing for confidence is a way to refocus your energy, reform your self image, and give yourself the ultimate confidence boost!








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