3 Myths about Denville Arthur Murray (and 1 awesome truth)

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Our Denville dance studio is one of the greatest places to visit for aspiring dancers and new students looking to learn! A staple of the community for over 12 years, the Denville studio has been creating strong, confident dancers who have gone out into the world to proudly dance their best at parties, weddings, cruises, dance competitions, and more! If you’re interested in trying Arthur Murray’s fabulous Denville dance studio you may have some misconceptions about what it will be like. But not for long!

MYTH 1: You Need To Bring A Partner to Dance Ballroom At Denville Arthur Murray

Every instructor at our Denville dance studio is a highly trained, accredited dance pro. These guys practice day and night to be the best at their craft, and know how to dance both lead and follow with ease. Why? Because they have to be able to teach anybody, man or woman, at any time. Now, don’t worry guys — you won’t have to dance with a man at Denville. Instead, if you come in by yourself you’ll be matched with a dancer of the opposite gender to help you through your first free lesson!

So come alone or together, you’ll get taken care of just the same!

Myth 2:  Ballroom Dancing is Only for Really Fit, Athletic People Like on TV

Why are dancers so fit? Because they dance! If you begin to dance, you’ll begin to notice tons of positive changes in your life. You can lose weight, you can get more flexible, you can increase your self confidence. If you think you’d like the great characteristics you see in dancers, become one and you’ll get them!

At our Denville studio, you’ll find our instructors are well trained not only in dancing, but in helping people achieve goals. We all believe that people better themselves through perseverance and trying new things. If you tell your Denville instructor about your goals and dreams for yourself, they’ll stop at nothing to help you achieve them.

At Denville, that’s just how they do it.

Myth 3: Dancing is Hard Work, and You Have to Start Young

Denville students come in all ages, sizes, genders, and levels of experience. We divide our students into programs which are based on skill level, so that people who are of similar experience get to grow together.

At any Arthur Murray you’re going to find people committed to making communities of dancers. Old or young, people get the yearning to learn dance, and find places like Denville’s studio to practice and socialize. If you give it a try, you won’t find a more welcoming place to dance!

AND 1 Awesome Truth: Denville Knows What It’s Doing

One of the things you’ll never hear about a Denville instructor is “they aren’t very good dancers”. The sheer amount of training these professionals put themselves through would stun you. They work on student routines, professional routines with each other, group routines, they learn every little detail of the Arthur Murray dance syllabus, they train with internationally recognised coaches, they compete in major dance competitions, they train other instructors and after all that they usually even go out to dance clubs when work’s done to let loose.

When you walk into the doors of the Denville studio, you’re really walking among some of the best dancers in New Jersey. If you don’t believe me, go see for yourself. Denville is the place to be!








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