Getting Your Groove Back Through Dance


Do remember those instant butterflies that came from looking into one another’s eyes for the first time? Or how about the first time he brushed your arm and it sent chills all over your body? For many couples this is a distant memory but it doesn’t have to be. Just dancing with one another forces you to use multiple senses that will reignite the romance in your relationship.


When was the last time that you held one another for a long period of time? For some couples conjuring up the date takes awhile, and for others the sort on intimacy that dancing can create, may have never been a factor in their relationship. When you’re learning to dance with your partner, touch is essential. You’ll be holding hands, and your arms will be around one another….memories and feelings are bound to spark up! And let’s not forget, passion is not just about touching it’s also about how you visually connect, and since you’re dancing face to face…well let’s just say that sight plays a major role. 


After being married for some time many couples are able to know exactly what one another is thinking with a single look. Think back to when you first laid eyes on one another, your first date, or even dancing at your wedding- do you still look at each other the same way? Now remember, we established that while learning to dance, you’ll be in very close quarters, imagine how it would feel to be looking into each other’s eyes as well! 


There is nothing more intimate than being truly in tune with you partner while enjoying music of all kinds. Words become unnecessary and any problems that you may have encountered with one another drift away instantly. It’s impossible to be angry with you partner when you hold one another! Dancing creates an environment in which you can simultaneously get lost in one another and the melody of the music.  
Learning to dance may be something fun that you’ve always wanted to do or a way to avoid the embarrassment that may come with being unable to dance at an upcoming event. However, learning to dance doesn’t have to be just about steps. Think of it as a relationship experiment that can have unexpected and invigorating results! 




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