How Not to Annoy Your Dance Partner

Woman love a man who can dance. Dancing at a wedding, salsa club, or ballroom event can be a great way to have fun and meet potential dates. Before you take up ballroom or salsa lessons, there are some dancing traits you need to avoid. As long as you steer clear of these annoying behaviors, you’ll be on your way to being a great dance partner in no time!   


Be a Gentleman

Always ask a woman if she would like to dance. Once she has agreed to dance with you, be a gentlemen. Smile and be friendly. Don’t fondle or grab her where you shouldn’t. Don’t stare creepily. If you are kind and polite, it will help her feel at ease and she will be more likely to dance with you again.

Keep It Clean

Dancing requires people to get physically close. Take care of your hygiene when going to an event where there will be dancing. Some things go without saying like wear deodorant and brush your teeth. Also don’t douse yourself in cologne and bring an extra shirt or towel if you sweat profusely when exercising. And if you smoke, try to mask the smell.   

Be a Good Leader

A good dance leader will lead his partner clearly and confidently. This will come in time as you learn the skill, but can also start with your attitude. Woman want a dance partner (and a man) who has a plan on and off the dance floor. On the contrary, don’t forcefully lead either. If she is sent flying into the wall, that is on you.

Watch Your Step and Hands

No one wants to be stepped all over on the dance floor. Even if you’re new to dancing, be mindful of where your feet are in relation to hers. If you have two left feet, Arthur Murray can help! Be gentle when first learning and practicing turns so you don’t twist her arm or tug too hard. No one wants to dance with a partner who physically hurts them, even if on accident.


Don’t Criticize

Do not criticize the way your partner moves. Dancing can be intimidating and people take a risk when they put themselves on the dance floor. Don’t insult her moves or blame her when your lead has thrown the dance off.

Don’t be intimidated of dancing. As long as you follow the tips above, you’ll be someone people will be happy to partner with. Now all you need is the dancing skills to go along with your excellent dancing etiquette. Sign up for your free private dancing lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Studios today and you’ll be on your way to dancing confidently.






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