How To Never Be Embarrassed To Dance Again

never be emarrassed to dance again

Honestly, dancing can be stressful. When life throws the opportunity to dance at us, the vast majority of us sit out. If they’re forced onto the stage, they panic. Panic, of course, is the death of a good performance. That’s why they have bars at dance clubs, because most people can only lose that panic if they’re liquored up.

But that’s not the only way. 

Feeling Embarrassed to Dance?

It’s okay to be embarrassed to dance. It’s natural. But it’s also something you can overcome with (surprise!) lessons. It’s no secret that knowing to dance makes you a more confident person, or even a more healthy person! But unless you see it for yourself, it’s hard to understand how powerful that change can be.

Look at yourself now. Taking stock of who we are– strengths and weaknesses– can help us make big decisions like whether or not to try something new, or shift our priorities. Ask yourself:

  • Am I scared in social situations?
  • Do I feel comfortable in my body?
  • Can I express myself physically?
  • Can I attract the attention I want?
  • Do people consider me confident?

If you’re struggle to answer “yes” to those, if you’re not quite sure what the answer is for those questions, it’s time to refine those parts of your life.

Dance for Confidence

Dancing is so much more than just stepping around in interesting ways to music. It’s about finding a new source of power that even strangers can sense. It’s about being able to walk into a room and knowing that anyone who sees you knows that you’re in control. It’s about seeing someone extend their hand to you on the dance floor and smiling because you know you’re never embarrassed to dance, never afraid of the unknown because you’ve conquered it before, and can conquer it again.

And as you’ll find out, it feels fantastic.









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