How Private Dance Lessons Can Help Your Relationship

After teaching beginning couples how to ballroom (social) dance for over 25 years, I easily consider myself an expert.

We tend to see couples during one of these 3 stages of their lives.

  • Before kids – The earlier you learn to dance the more return they will get from your investment.



  • During kids – Gives them a chance to spend some grown up time away and enjoy “date night”.


  • After kids – A great time to reconnect and rediscover the reasons you got together in the first place.


Some days I swear I’m having deja vu since they are all so similar. The couples that we teach may differ in appearance but they all tell us similar reasons for why they dance lessons.

  • Want to spend time with significant other
  • Something new for two
  • Make a special person happy
  • Improve or strengthen relationship
  • Meet new people and making new friends 

The list is endless but the goals are the same, becoming happier with your partner and sharing a common bond. Taking lessons at an Arthur Murray Dance Center is an activity that when couples first start, they have absolutely no idea what an incredible journey they are about to embark on. Dance lessons with us are not just about learning dance moves, there is much more to it than that.  The transformation and changes that they will experience are immeasurable. Our couples seem to transform overnight. They start to dress differently, they carry themselves better and overall just seem to have a much improved aura. Our students tell us that their friends and family notice a change and they can’t really figure out what’s different about them. Becoming happier is how I like to describe it, it’s the simplest explanation. The lessons are fun, they are full of laughter, we offer a sense of community that other activities sometimes lack. At the dance studios we all cheer and pull for each other, we want to see couples progress and see improvement. 

The beauty of partner dancing is how a man and woman must move together in perfect unison. Hence, here is where the magic happens. You have to work as a team, which is how the couples learn to work together as one. It is not a competition between each other, they have to work together to achieve a common goal. It’s actually so simple it’s kind of comical, check your egos at the door and get ready to make each other feel good. You deserve to be happier and so does your partner.






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