New Jersey Salsa: The Dance You Can Take Anywhere


Salsa is delicious. I go with Alton Brown’s basic recipe when I make my own. I love salsa’s combination of bold flavors like tomato and jalapeño and cilantro. When I eat salsa, I feel the freshness and life one can only feel when they take the boldest of ingredients and arrange them together for maximum impact.

So it is with the Salsa dance. When I first learned it, I realized that it was exactly like its culinary cousin in its boldness and vivacity, as I studied it more I learned that it was a dance made from the sexiest, most exciting parts of other dances such as Mambo and Cha-Cha. Like many, I fell in love with Salsa.

Salsa is not an old dance

Having come into its prime in the 1970s in New York City, yet in its short life Salsa has inserted itself as an iconic dance across the world. If you try it, you’ll know why. Salsa is exhilarating, romantic and flirtatious. It’s a great cardio workout. It’s a dance you can take almost anywhere and use.

Anyone can benefit from learning Salsa

But today I want to talk to a specific group of people for whom I think Salsa is perfect: Parents.

We like to joke in my studio that ballroom dancing is “Marriage Insurance”. We encourage our newlywed couples to never lose dancing in their lives, because as long as they have it they’ll always have one special something no one can take from them. Newlyweds aren’t the only people who can benefit from ballroom dancing. Heck, they haven’t even had kids yet. You have, parents, and you know that having children means your life, at least a big part of it, belongs to someone else. For years your main concern is taking care of the lives you created. It’s more rewarding than anything, and more stressful. It says nothing about how much you love your children to admit that, sometimes, you need a break.

May I interest you in the Salsa?

Having kids doesn’t feel particularly sexy. Carting them around to games, hosting messy birthday parties, changing diapers, buying school supplies- you know what I’m talking about. Yet there’s no reason that you can’t feel beautiful and wanted, or masculine and in-control every once in a while. Yet in your busy life you wonder how. Salsa is the solution. Nothing in the world makes a man feel more macho than seeing his beautiful partner drag her finger across his chest and spin at the merest raise of his hand. Nothing lets a woman feel more feminine and fabulous than whirling circles around her man only to be caught and held in his arms. Salsa has Latin fire in every step, one that can keep your own fire burning bright for your whole lives. More importantly, it only takes a small time commitment to learn!

And on that bittersweet day when the kids finally grow big enough to strike out on their own, you’ll find Salsa and ballroom dancing more important than ever. When they’ve all gone away to college and you’re left at home wondering what to do with all of that time you’ve got now, remember your Salsa steps and take them out into the world.

Or if by the time your nest has emptied you still haven’t begun your education in dance, start. It’s never too late to reward yourself for a life responsibly lived. Take some you-time and try Salsa dancing with your local New Jersey Salsa experts at Arthur Murray today!




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