What Makes Arthur Murray Dance Lessons Better

Dance lessons are not created equal.


It’s not something most people, even students, consider. Yet the truth remains that dance lessons can vary wildly from studio to studio. Dance lessons can vary wildly from teacher to teacher. After all, we’re only humans and even your amazing dance instructors have their strengths and weaknesses. Yet there’s something different about an Arthur Murray dance lesson. Arthur Murray dance instructors have something that no other type of instructor has: the power of the franchise behind them.

The Power of the Arthur Murray Franchise

What does that mean? So what if my teacher has this monolithic business slapping its name on their teaching?

The Arthur Murray franchise is a truly top-class organization made by instructors, for instructors. There’s a massive framework of trainings, seminars, competitions and ceremonies which every instructor takes part in. These events, much like the events we ask students to go to, push our boundaries and comfort zones and streamline our learning experience, both in regards to steps and customer service.

The Best Dance Teachers

We’re constantly challenged and educated on our ability to not just dance, but to convey the knowledge of how to dance. This is an important distinction that you must pay attention to. Repeat after me: a great dancer does not necessarily make a great teacher.

Think of the best dancer in the world. Who trains him or her? Obviously not a better dancer. There is no better dancer than the best. The person who trains the best dancers is someone who can convey the best technique and style with words and exercises. This is so important that I can’t stress it enough. Let’s say it together again: a great dancer does not necessarily make a great teacher.

Now, let’s switch it up to reflect another truth: a great teacher can make YOU a great dancer.

What makes Arthur Murray Dance lessons so great is that the organization behind each and every instructor makes both great dancers and great teachers. You need to come in and see for yourself. Once you do, you’ll see see what I mean. 








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