Why New Ballroom Dance Students Rock

new students learn to dance

Lots of students tell us they were so afraid or embarrassed to come in for the first time. Don’t be! We love getting new students started on their journey of learning how to dance.

Ready to start your dance journey?


Why Brand New Students Rock:

Because they have no bad habits!
A new student coming in for their very first dance experience is like unmolded clay. We’re excited to sculpt them into the dancer they want to be – social, competitive, a dancer who fits in, or a dancer who clears the floor. Each student is an individual work of art. It’s so fun for instructors to help students find their “dance persona.” Find out your dance persona here with this fun quiz!

Because they’re nervous!
A little bit of nerves never hurts. Students who are a bit anxious or unsure tend to practice more, ask more questions, attend more group classes and practice parties, and just keep their dancing in the forefront of their minds. We know that “dancing works if you work it,” and those students who utilize the famous Arthur Murray system find that their dancing improves at a rapid pace.

Because they’re the type of people other people want to be around!
How many people have a dream that they never chase? How many people are too shy to make the move to become a better version of themselves? It takes a certain type of person to even decide to call us and set up their first lesson, to become healthier and happier. Our students are the type of people that other people wish they could be.

So don’t be afraid to learn to dance as a new student at our studio. Come in today; it just may be the best choice you’ve ever made. And before you know it, you’ll be the more advanced dancer welcoming newbies into the studio.




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