Why Stephen Loves Being an Arthur Murray Instructor

If you had told me six months ago that working for Arthur Murray would change my life, I’m not sure I would have believed you. If you had told me I would feel important, thrilled, and constructive every day I would have told you that dream jobs don’t exist.

dance instructor

But they do, I have one.

I wanted to tell my story because you, like I did, might feel like you’re in a stunted place in your life. You may feel sheltered from the adventure you promised yourself you’d have when you grew up. You may feel like you’re placing these restrictions on yourself, stopping you from growing in a positive way.

I did.

So when I tell you that being at an Arthur Murray dance studio turned my world upside down, I want you to know that I’m not overexaggerating. Every one of those negative feelings about my life and myself has been replaced with excitement and enthusiasm for the challenges and opportunities the world of dance has to offer.

There’s a magical power to working with people here, standing up and actually physically dancing,  that’s hard to describe to the uninitiated, but I’ll try. When you’re connected to another human being, looking into their eyes and helping guide their body you feel alive. You’re responsible for this person, whether you’re leading or following. You’re trusting each other. You’re helping each other. You’re communicating without words. In a world where all everyone does is talk you can’t imagine how good it feels to turn your heel without saying anything and know someone will react just right.

It’s magic. Dancing is magic. Wherever my students go, they’ll have always shared those moments with me. They’ll last forever.

So when students tell me I give them great customer service, I honestly feel a bit guilty about patting myself on the back for it. If I give great customer service, it’s because this job gives me great employee service. It gives me a great feeling all day, every day. When your job does that, it’s not too hard to pass that positivity on to the next person.

I love being an Arthur Murray instructor. And if you become my student today, you’re going to feel that every minute we’re together.








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