Festive and Fun: Top Dance Scenes From Holiday Movies


The holiday season is full of reasons to be excited—charming winter landscapes, time with family and friends, and festivities galore! But if you’re struggling to get into the holiday spirit, none of these things can seem so exciting. To shake those winter blues and get in a festive mood, we suggest watching some of your favorite holiday movie dance scenes! We love dance movies, and holiday movie dance scenes can get you inspired for the holidays and all the fun dance parties that may ensue. Celebrations and dancing go hand-in-hand, so brush up on some of your seasonal stylings by tuning into the below holiday movie dance scenes. Similar to all our favorite Dancing with the Stars routines, these flicks never fail to inspire us!

Holiday movie dance scenes

Top holiday movie dance scenes

1. Love Actually

You know the feeling—when a song you love comes on, sometimes you can’t stop the boogie. That’s what came over Hugh Grant’s character, a prime minister, in this Love Actually (2003) scene. The prime minister hears “Jump for My Love” come on the television, and he just can’t help but bust a move. It’s easy to see how his love interest becomes charmed in the holiday romantic comedy.

Holiday movie dance scenes 2

2. Elf

Who wouldn’t want to see Will Ferrell dancing to “Whoomp, there it is” on top of a table? The comedian plays Buddy the Elf in this kid-friendly film. Catch Ferrell’s high-energy dance party scene in an office mailroom in Elf (2003); you’re bound to see some fancy footwork.

3. White Christmas

White Christmas (1954) has no shortage of spectacular song-and-dance scenes, making it tough to choose a favorite from this classic flick. Though, if we had to pick, we would watch the romantic  “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing” on repeat. For extra festive fun, watch the holiday-themed “Mandy” number; it is full of green-and-red glitz and a fabulous finale.

Holiday movie dance scenes 1

4. Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn (1942), the loose inspiration for White Christmas, also features a darling dance scene. Dancer Fred Astaire (Ted in the film) dances with Virginia Dale (Lila) in their popular New York nightclub act on Christmas Eve. See how elegant holiday ballroom dancing can be with this inspiring clip.

5. Bonus: Mean Girls

Though it’s not a holiday film, Mean Girls (2004) takes a humorous spin on choreographed holiday dances. In the scene, the four high school girls dressed in skirted Santa outfits experience a technical difficulty when someone kicks the stereo off-stage. Instead of panicking when “Jingle Bell Rock” shuts off, Lindsay Lohan’s character begins to sing the rest of the song as the girls complete their dance. Try not smiling or singing along to this cheeky Christmas dance scene.

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